Everything I do is always about the great taste

taste development specialist
Everything I do is always about the great taste. Whether it's my job as a sommelier, opening new restaurants, or teaching how to feel more and get the most out of this part of life.

At some point, I realized that it brings a lot of inspiration for me and a lot of benefits to other people.
I decided to explore this issue deeper based on modern researches and my ability to combine knowledge from very different fields into a completely new product.

I wish more people could feel the joy of life by eating their breakfast, going to a restaurant or drinking a glass of wine, traveling and discovering new things, spending time with children or friends
My projects
gastronomic cafe "the DREAMERS"
At the moment, I continue to develop restaurant projects in Lisbon. If you are interested in investing in this region or in any other form of partnership, you can contact me.
"The Dreamers" is a gastronomic cafe in the center of St. Petersburg, whose cuisine is based on local products, with a large wine list from small producers and specialty coffee. This project was opened in 2015 and has long become an integral part of St. Petersburg.
ресторатор Людмила Иванова
This project was founded in 2020 and is dedicated to everything related to the development of taste and food outlook. At the moment, the school has three programs for different ages and all of them are available online.
ресторатор Людмила Иванова
A course on the development of a sense of taste for adults. It aims to develop the sensory systems associated with taste and to expand the understanding and feeling of this area of life. Expanding food horizons, understanding the quality of products, understanding yourself.
ресторатор Людмила Иванова
Taste development online course for teenagers. Designed for parents and children aged 5 to 14  years old.
ресторатор Людмила Иванова
Online course "How to raise a little gourmet" on the nutrition of babies and toddlers from birth to  5  years. The course is aimed at the formation of healthy eating habits, immunity and a developed food outlook.

Designed for new parents and those who are just expecting a baby.
enjoying life school
Курс по развитию вкуса у подростков от 5 до 14 лет сейчас находится в разработке
project «queue to enter»
“Queue to enter” is the dream of any restaurateur. Now I am in Lisbon and I am going to open a wine bar with a full kitchen. As part of the project I will show every step I take and explain why I do it.

The restaurant business is too much about details. It is impossible to explain all of them in the way of a "standard course about how to open your own restaurant." But the combination of experience and expertise, with real life situations, can give a lot more.
Well, I already have a place with a “queue to enter”, so I know exactly what I'm talking about. I will indicate the difference from the Russian market, so it will be useful for those who are in Russia now, and those who dream of opening something in Europe.

All materials will be in the Telegram channel.
I am a sommelier
I am a sommelier. This is an important part of my life and, in fact, a project where I am constantly learning and improving, creating wine lists, impressions, new experiences, discovering unknown facets of taste, creating unique tastings, and organize training.
My wine list in Dreamers has been recognized by all the largest Russian and world awards in this area: Russian Wine Awards, Wine Spectator, Wine List by Fine wine.
What i do
restaurant concept
If you need to work out the concept of the restaurant or any key components of the future concept, such as, for example, design, cuisine, wine or bar list, effective marketing strategy, find a contractor, form your team, then we can do it together.
If you or your team works in a field where taste is not the last thing, and you want to be on the same wavelength, together expand the boundaries of understanding what you are capable of, how much you can feel, learn together to choose the best products and discover new flavor combinations, then this offer is for you.
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Wine listing and staff training
If you are starting a new project or would like to change the wine list of an existing one, then we can do it together. But you should know that I don't work with commercial conventional wines and prefer to work with small ethical wine producers. In this case the amount and cost of work is discussed individually.

I work across Russia and Europe.
Personal consultation
1 hour — € 265 / 2 hours — € 445
What can I do for you:
talk about building up an effective economic model for gastronomic projects, marketing
to share the experience of opening restaurant projects in Russia and Portugal
to discuss of concepts of any gastronomic projects
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